"I'm an IT Consultant driven by a solid foundation in theory and a fervent enthusiasm for Cloud Services. As a Cloud Architect & DevOps Engineer, I bring hands-on experience from diverse AWS projects and complex infrastructures. My approach is customer-centric, coupled with a systematic working style that prioritizes quality and sustainability."


I embarked on my professional journey as a Big Data Engineer at Akka Technology in Toulouse, France. Following that, I expanded my horizons at Capgemini. The year 2016 marked a pivotal moment as I ventured into the realm of cloud technology, setting forth on an enriching cloud-focused trajectory. This path led me to roles as a Cloud Architect at both Crayon France and Engie, where I honed my expertise. Today, I'm fully immersed in the freelance world, serving as a Lead DevOps & Solution Architect for Engie. This dynamic journey continues to shape my passion for technology and its transformative capabilities.


In my experience of development, design, and architecture I have worked with many different programming languages, frameworks, services, tools, and methodolgies. I have several certifications which include the following: